New Bookletter

Good news: I started a weekly newsletter. Bad news: it's not here.

Hey, pals,

For those of you who actually open these missives (as opposed to sighing and thinking about how email used to be exciting and now feels onerous), I want to let you know that I have a new letter you can subscribe to!

The Compass is the new weekly newsletter of Uncharted Books, a used and rare bookstore here in Chicago, where I recently started working. It’s basically going to be a chronicle of cool/fun/weird stuff I find in the store that somehow inspires me to write, plus links to all the online places where you can buy new books, ebooks, and audiobooks in ways that benefit us instead of Jeff Bezos.

Bonus for longtime readers/Ballew fans: his girlfriend Ramona, a petite, blue-eyed, waaaaaaaay chiller white husky, is my co-worker. (She’s usually there Tuesday-Saturday, if you’re local.)

Anyway, please subscribe over there, if you’d like to hear more from me! Otherwise, this letter will remain active for occasional dispatches about emergency surgery, pop culture, feminist rage, etc.



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