Birds of America

In which Harvey Weinstein’s reappearance is discussed

I. A Text Exchange

Friend: Just finished Catch and Kill.

Me: Me, too. Burn it all down.

Friend: The story about Kelly Bachman is so fucking upsetting I feel like I’m going to puke. After spending 300 pages stewing in the sorrow of these women, to see that fucking monster out on the town is horrifying. I can’t believe what a strong reaction I’m having to it but FUCK HIM. I hope he dies in prison.

Me: Same same same. My heart raced. I had that panicky, desperate, “Why isn’t anybody doing anything?” feeling, just reading about it. And I keep thinking about it and getting so furious.

Friend: I just saw a completely unrelated name with the initials HW and flew into a rage again.

Me: I am beside myself. The only comfort is seeing how many other women are, too.

II. Exactly What My Forthcoming Book Is About, In One Handy Rebecca Traister Quote

“The willingness to abuse power and then protect one’s power by casting oneself as abused, via a fantasy of victimhood, surely has a lengthy history, but has become a particular hallmark of the post-Obama political era. The inversion of vulnerability so that it applies — nonsensically, ahistorically, yes, but too often, persuasively — to the least vulnerable is pervasive and effective.”

III. A Tweet by Ashley Nicole Black

IV. Intermission

One good thing I learned about this week: John J. Audubon’s original Birds of America drawings are available for free download now. Here is the Black and White Creeper.

V. I’ve Only Been Writing for Like 10 Minutes and I Need a Nap

Is this anxiety? Or the result of sleeping for shit after drinking too much because [gestures broadly at all of the above and absolutely everything right now]? Is it my brain stubbornly refusing to follow me any farther down a rabbit hole of despair?


VI. I Napped

VII. I Am Still So Mad

VIII. Here is the State Bird of Illinois

I have loved cardinals all my life, but I was an adult before I realized just how beautiful the females are. The males are so damned attention-grabbing. You think “cardinal,” and you automatically picture an all-red bird. They are the default. They are what it means to be a “cardinal” in most people’s imagination.

IX. I Am Way too Lazy

to turn this into a proper essay with birds as metaphors, but that would be cool, right?

X. The Last Word Goes to Moira Donegan, creator of the Shitty Men in Media List

“Critics of the Me Too movement have described being accused of sexual assault as akin to summary execution for a man, and have loudly bemoaned men’s ruined careers and social deaths. But these men are not dead. They are very much still alive, and in many cases they are still working. They will not go away, and they seem unwilling, even, to stop demanding our attention, stop showing up uninvited in our newsfeeds, on our television screens, and in the comedy bars where we go to have a laugh and relax. We’re told they’re dead, but they keep appearing everywhere, still here and still very much capable of inflicting further harm.”

I don’t know what else to say anymore.



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